Employees and subcontractors shall not report to work or perform any work, duties or services whilst under the influence of alcohol, any drugs or narcotics. Travel to work is defined as report to work.

When travel home from work you are still representing the Company and shall not be intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drug.

It is strictly forbidden to consume, store, distribute, purchase or sell alcohol, drugs or narcotics on Company’s premises.

The Company reserves the right to arrange and conduct tests and/or searches on work sites, including personal belongings, at all times, without prior announcement. Anyone found to be violating this policy or refusing to cooperate, shall be subject to applicable lawful disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Tests may also be requested by charterers or port authorities, and may also be conducted in the aftermath of any event. Test samples shall be analyzed by an independent laboratory approved by the Company.

This policy does not apply to prescription drugs when they are used for their intended purposes as currently prescribed for the person using them, provided that the use of such drugs does not adversely affect the person’s ability to perform his duty in a safe and productive manner.

Alcohol may be served at social gatherings, only which are pre-approved by the CEO